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Reckless Driving Causes Head-On Crash


An accident occurred on Highway 27 when S. M. was driving north on the highway and went over the median. S.M., who was in a Toyota Sedan, hit a car that was driving southbound. Tragically, as a result of the accident, S.M. passed away. In addition, Highway 27 was shut down after the accident for about five hours. The accident is still being looked into by traffic investigators for more information.

Vehicle accidents occur every minute of every day all around the world. While road accidents are common, the factors that cause them are very much preventable. For example, one of the main factors that cause accidents is impairment of the driver of the vehicle. This can easily be prevented by drivers choosing not to carry out reckless action such as texting while driving or driving while intoxicated. Driving on highways can be dangerous due the amount of vehicles on the highway and the high speeds involved. It is important that drivers always use their signals while switching lanes on highways in order to avoid collision with other vehicles.

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