Reckless Driving Causes Fatal Crash

A car accident involving high-speeds occurred in Santa Ana on February 8th. The two cars involved in the accident were a red Mustang and a silver Mercedes-Benz. The accident occurred when the southbound Mercedes-Benz t-boned the eastbound Mustang. The exact cause of the accident is unknown at the time. Officers think that one of the vehicles involved may have run a red light prior to the collision. The case is still being looked into by police officers, who think there may have been more people involved in the crash than they know of. Tragically, as a result of the accident, the driver of the Mustang passed away. In addition, two people who were in the Mercedes-Benz were injured and taken to a hospital for medical care.

Running a red light is very dangerous. During the years 2007-2011, an average of 751 people passed away in accidents caused by a driver running a red light. In addition, excessive speeds are also a very common cause of road crashes, as it is a factor in 33% of all fatal accidents.

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