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Police Deputy Caused Fatal Pedestrian Accident


On February 2, a Bexar County Sheriff’s deputy struck a man resulting in his death. The deputy was responding to a call when he struck a 33-year-old man at the intersection of Donop Road near Old Corpus Christi Road. According to investigators, the deputy was traveling at speeds over 20 mph over the speed limit when he responded to the call that was not an emergency. The pedestrian accident remains under investigation and the deputy has not yet been charged.

Pedestrians are at risk of being seriously injured or killed in a traffic accident, possibly more than any other traveler. This is due to the fact that they are defenseless in a collision with a motor vehicle. Due to the pedestrian's size, they can be difficult for a driver to see on the roadway making it crucial for all drivers to operate their vehicles attentively. Distracted driving has increased over the past several years due to cell phone capabilities. While distracted driving is often the cause of pedestrian accidents, driving under the influence, speeding, and fatigued driving are also common causes. Suffering serious injuries and losing a loved one can alter a victim's life and they may have grounds to file a case to obtain justice.

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