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New York Student Killed in Pedestrian Accident


A tragic accident occurred in Long Island, New York on Monday morning. A young girl was crossing an intersection on her way to her school, Elmont Memorial High School, when a driver hit her. The driver was in a Nissan Rogue. Allegedly, there was no criminality involved in the accident. Tragically, the girl was taken to a hospital for medical care where she passed away. The accident is still being investigated for further details.

It is important that drivers drive responsibly in order to avoid inflicting injury upon themselves or others. Every day road crashes occur due to poor decisions made by drivers, whether it be driving distractedly, driving while intoxicated, or speeding. Over one million people pass away every year due to road accidents. In addition, about twenty to fifty million people are injured every year in road accidents. To reduce your chances of being involved in a vehicle accident, always follow traffic laws and regulations such as: stopping at stop signs and traffic lights, driving the speed limit, and using your blinkers.

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