Men Charged After Boating Accident Kills Teen

Two men in New York have been charged with reckless boating and boating under the influence stemming from a boating accident that claimed the life of a teenage girl. The accident occurred last June on Lake Ellicott Creek when the teen was boating with her 18-year-old boyfriend and the father of a friend. The 51-year-old man is the owner of the boat and he allowed the 18-year-old to operate the vessel that night after the two had smoke marijuana, consumed alcohol, and used other illegal drugs. As the boy drove the boat under a footbridge, the girl struck her head on the bridge resulting in her death. Police investigated the accident for eight months before charging the men and they both entered a plea of not guilty.

Boating accidents are one of the types of auto accidents that are often overlooked. However, there are thousands of injuries and fatalities caused by boating accidents every year. In the midwest, it is more common for a boating accident to occur during the warmer months, however, these accidents do happen throughout the year. Inexperienced boating, DUI, distracted boating, and aggressive boating are all examples of the causes of thousands of boating accidents. However, design flaws may also contribute to a boating crash.

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