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Expert Predicts Allegiant Airline Aviation Accident


Numerous safety concerns regarding Allegiant Air has prompted aviation experts to speak out claiming they believe an aviation accident is likely to occur. In recent months, there are been multiple incidents where Allegiant Air flights were forced to make emergency landings because of mechanical defects. In fact, since the beginning of last year, there were 25 safety incidents including a plane running out of fuel, a plane’s engine losing power, and a plane prematurely lifted off the ground due to improper maintenance. Experts are urging the Federal Aviation Administration to get involved in an attempt to prevent a plane crash.

Aviation accidents occur hundreds of times a year and rarely leave any survivors. Plane crashes occur due to mechanical defects, negligent air traffic controllers, and reckless piloting. All of these examples indicate that most aviation accidents are preventable. The negligent parties should be held responsible for the damages they’ve caused. Individuals that sustain injuries or the loss of a loved one in an aviation accident may be entitled to compensation. An experienced auto accident attorney can help determine if you have grounds to file a case and educate you on your rights to obtaining compensation.

At Meyerkord & Kurth, our St. Louis personal injury attorneys will investigate your accident to determine the most effective strategy for recovering the maximum compensation for your damages while holding the negligent party accountable. Our office has been built on family values and we will support you with compassion throughout the process. Contact our award-winning attorneys today for a free no-obligation consultation.

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