DUI Causes Chain Reaction Accidents

In October 2012, J. R. was involved in a couple accidents due to driving while drunk on the Long Island Expressway. After the accidents, J. O., a Nassau County Police Officer, was investigating the scene. Tragically, while investigating those accidents and leaning against a guardrail, J.O. was hit by a vehicle and passed away. Now, J. R. is being charged because of the chain of events that occurred because he drove while intoxicated in 2012. This case is rather controversial, as J.R. was not driving while J.O. was killed. It is testing the law to see how far charges can go in relation to driving while intoxicated. J.R. could potentially be charged with aggravated vehicular homicide, driving while intoxicated, manslaughter, etc. at his trial that will take place soon. The concept of causation/foreseeability will be used in this case, as it was foreseeable that an officer would be investigating the case in the spot of J.R.'s first accidents when he was driving drunk.

Driving while intoxicated is one of the leading causes of vehicle accidents. A person is injured due to a drunken driving vehicle accident about every 120 seconds. Only time can make a person become sober and able to drive safely. To avoid hurting yourself or another person, do not drive while intoxicated

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