Daycare Accused of Abuse

An investigation has been launched in Texas after parents are accusing their child’s daycare facility of abuse. The incident happened Richardson when the mother of an 18-month-old boy reported her son had marks on his face consistent with a hand print. She claims her son’s face was visible swollen and that the mark could be seen for three days. The complaint was filed against the Armadillos to Zebras daycare facility and they have not commented on the incident.

Millions of parents trust daycare facilities and individuals to care for their children. Every parent wants to feel confident that not only are their children safe while they are with others but also that they are treated with the utmost level of care. Tragically, thousands of children suffer injuries due to the neglect and abuse of individuals that work in daycare facilities. Similar, to nursing home neglect and abuse cases, the workers employed at these facilities are often underpaid and lack the proper training required to care for other individuals. Regardless of the demands of the job, neglecting and abusing a person in their care is never excused. If you trusted a daycare or nursing home facility to care for your loved one and they were harmed, you could have grounds to recover compensation for your damages.

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