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Car Crash Caused by Distracted Driving


A road crash occurred on Wednesday night in Los Angeles. The accident was related to rain and slick road conditions. The two drivers involved in the crash suffered minor injuries. After this accident occurred, another driver of a pickup truck was passing the scene. The driver became distracted by the first accident and drove into a utility pole. As a result of the collision, three electrical transformers loosened and fell on the top of the vehicle. The impact caused for the driver of the pickup truck to pass away.

Driving distractedly is extremely dangerous as it impairs a driver’s ability to pay attention to the road and make quick decisions while driving. Distracted driving is a factor in 18% of all fatal accidents. A common example of driving distractedly is texting while driving. Out of all tasks a driver could carry out on their phone, texting puts a driver at the greatest risk of a crash. Drivers who text and drive are at a crash risk 23 times greater than drivers who do not text and drive. In order to prevent accidents and fatalities, do not drive distractedly.

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