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Buffalo Wild Wings, Chipotle, Dole Linked to Food Poisonings


Every year, foodborne illness affects one out of every six people. Currently, there are more than 250 foodborne illnesses known. Common foods related with foodborne illnesses include raw foods, such as meats or vegetables. Being able to detect foodborne illness is very important. In addition, if you have been affected by a foodborne illness, it is important to seek medical care. The new scientific connections made between food and germs has caused for recalls on certain FDA-regulated foods to increase, which has caused for foodborne illness to be more prevalent in the media.

In Kansas, there has been a case a Norovirus connected with a local Buffalo Wild Wings, confirms the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment. In addition, Dole has recently recalled their products due to Listeria being found in their salads. Also, the company Chipotle has been suffering due to their issues with Norovirus and E. coli. It has been difficult for Chipotle to pinpoint the exact source of these outbreaks.

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