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Street Racing Leads to Fatal Accident


A street racing accident took place in Saint Louis, Missouri over the summer. The accident resulted in the death of an innocent driver. The racer was operating his vehicle on Lindbergh Boulevard, when he hit an SUV, injuring the driver. The driver of the SUV passed away the next day. Last Wednesday, the man who struck the SUV was charged with second-degree murder and “persistent offender” DWI. The other man involved in the racing does not seem to have any charges. Based off of the accident reconstruction, it seems as though both men were traveling at a speed over 110 mph.

Street racing is extremely dangerous and poses a threat to innocent drivers on the road and the drivers involved. For every 1,000 people that take part in street racing, about 49 people are injured. Additionally, speeding is a factor in one out of every three fatal accidents. To make the roads a safer place, follow all traffic safety laws and regulations.

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