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Massachusetts Woman Attacked By Boyfriend's Dog


A woman sustained severe injuries after she was bitten by a dog that belongs to her boyfriend in Massachusetts. Police reported that the woman was attacked around 2:20 in the afternoon on Saturday and when they arrived the scene was chaotic. They reported that the injuries to her face were so severe that they requested a helicopter to transport the victim to Boston. Her jaw and lower face were the main areas of concern, and the victim was conscious as she was being rushed from the scene. Police reported that the dog is an American bulldog mix and could also be part pit bull. Police are examining the attack, and the dog status is uncertain at this point.

Dog attacks are terrifying whether you are severely injured or not. These attacks aren’t usually provoked either, but dogs who are agitated or nervous can bite anyone, even their owners. Bites can range from minor to severe depending on the breed and the degree of the bites, and at least 28,000 reconstructive surgeries took place in 2015 due to dog bites. This means huge medical bills, time off work and possible life altering injuries. Contact a personal injury attorney immediately if you or a loved one has been bitten or attacked by a dog. An experienced attorney will investigate the case and determine if the dog owner can be held liable for the injuries sustained from the bites.

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