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Man Arrested After Crashing Car Into Van and Building


A parked van was involved in an accident in Huntington, West Virginia after a driver slammed his car into it and it went through the glass front wall of a business. The driver reported to police that his tire blew which was the cause of him entering the parking lot of the business. The van that was forced into the building belonged to an employee of the business and was inside the building at the time of the crash. A second van was also struck. Police reported that the driver did not have insurance or a driver’s license and an illegal substance was found on him. The police reported that charges are pending and there were no reports of injuries.

Vehicle accidents not only happen on the road but can happen on sidewalks and even buildings. These types of accidents injure drivers, passengers and even pedestrians who may be on the sidewalk or in the buildings where the accident occurs. Most times these accidents are caused by driver error or distracted driving. Yes, we all hear about or even know someone who has accidently had the car in drive when they thought it was in reverse, but these accidents are no laughing matter. Serious injuries can occur, and that means major medical bills, possible physical therapy, mental and physical stress and even lost wages from work. Consulting an attorney can help victims determine if legal action should be taken and work with them to receive the compensation they deserve.

The personal injury attorneys at Meyerkord & Kurth, LLC, work directly with accident victims to assess their injuries and to determine if there are grounds to pursue legal action. We communicate fully with our clients and strive to reach maximum compensation for their injuries. Our offices are located in downtown St. Louis, and we offer a wide range of expertise to our clients. Contact us today.

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