Infant Survives Being Ejected in Auto Accident

A vehicle accident occurred on Friday in Texarkana, Arkansas. The incident took place along Interstate 30 when a truck struck the side of a car. As a result, the car flipped over. An eight-month-old baby was ejected from the vehicle - her car seat was not installed the right way, and she was not restrained correctly. The child was found in a storm drain and was removed by three fire fighters. She has a minor injury and was taken to the hospital to receive medical attention. Additionally, four other occupants of the vehicle were taken to the hospital as well. The driver of the truck that sideswiped the car was given a citation for their lane change, which was “improper and unsafe.”

When making a lane change, it is important that driver completely check their surroundings to make sure that no other vehicles are close to them. Additionally, the use of signals is very important, as it lets other drivers know that you are making the lane change.

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