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How to Avoid Injuries This Holiday Season


Tis the season for presents, holiday decorating, shopping and cooking but that also means opportunities for holiday accidents too. Emergency rooms across the country are visited by hundreds of accident victims each day who have been victims of slips and falls, burns, electrocution and fender benders. It is important to exercise caution when preparing for the upcoming holiday season, so you are fully able to enjoy the holiday. Here are a few tips to keep in mind this year:

* Decorating – Make sure all ladders are secure before climbing to hang those lights. Always check lights for loose wires or shock hazards. Wear proper footwear if you’re walking on the roof and don’t do it alone. Have someone help you and have a cell phone handy, in case either of you need to call for help.

* Cooking – Lacerations and burns are a concern with all of the cooking and baking around the holidays. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare those holiday feasts and take your time chopping vegetables and pulling the cookies out of the oven.

* Winter Weather Injuries – The CDC reports that there are over one million falls annually and many take place during the holidays. Always wear proper shoes to walk on slick sidewalks, parking lots and roads. Falls can cause back injuries, fractures, broken tailbones and even head injuries. Spread salt or kitty litter on sidewalks and driveways to help those holiday guests getting in and out of their vehicles. Also, remember to watch for slick spots when walking into stores or homes. Snow and ice can melt off of shoes and leave wet spots that can cause falls.

* Travel – Millions of people will take to the roadways this season, and this means delays, accidents, and possible injuries. Always allow additional time to get where you’re going and stay alert for other drivers. Slick and snowy conditions can reduce stop time significantly, so it is always wise to stay at least a car length behind the vehicle in front of you and as always, leave the cell phone alone until you’ve reached your location.

Injuries around the holidays can be stressful but contacting a personal injury attorney shouldn’t be. The attorneys at Meyerkord & Kurth, LLC offer free no-obligation consultations at our St. Louis office. Our team offers decades of experience to those who have been injured due to no fault of their own. We work closely with each client to pursue maximum compensation for their injuries. Contact us today if you or a loved one needs expert representation.

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