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Drowsy Driving Equivalent to Drunk Driving, Study Says


The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reports that drivers nearly double their risk for car accidents when they miss one to two hours of the recommended sleep the night before. They also report that drowsy driving, only four to five hours of sleep, is equivalent to driving drunk. Scarily, drivers who only get four hours of sleep in a 24-hour period are considered to be as impaired as those that are twice the legal limit of alcohol. What if you miss two to three hours of sleep? The risk of a crash is quadrupled compared to those who get a full seven hours of sleep a night. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention surveyed drivers in 2015, and at least one in 25 drivers confessed to nodding off while driving.

Many drivers have been behind the wheel when they have felt a little fatigued, but it is important to recognize the signs of drowsy driving. These can range from frequently yawning or blinking to keep you awake, drifting in lanes and not remembering the last couple of miles driven. It is always wise to pull over if you are experiencing any of these symptoms. It’s estimated that there are over 72,000 fatigue-related crashes every year. These crashes can cause serious injuries to drivers and passengers. If you are involved in an accident, it is important to contact an attorney immediately. An experienced attorney will investigate the crash and hold the driver responsible for the accident and injuries they have caused.

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