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Bakery Products Recalled Due to Possible Salmonella


Voluntary recalls from two major grocery stores, Safeway and Albertsons stores, are recalling bakery products made with Valley Milk Products LLF’s High Heat Nonfat Dry Milk Powder which can contain Salmonella. The stores located in Oregon, Washington, and Northern Idaho say the bakery products were sold from their full-service and self-service areas on or before December 15, 2016, with a product sell by date of December 20, 2016, or earlier. The milk powder was used by Dawn Food Products to produce the vanilla cream custard that the stores used in various bakery products. No reports have been made regarding illnesses due to the recall, and the companies are issuing this recall as a precaution.

Product recalls are nothing new to consumers with thousands of recalls being issued each year. Whenever a product, whether it’s a consumer product, food, vehicle or children’s safety, is recalled it begs the question, “is anything safe?” Recalls can be scary for those who have purchased the affected product, but product liability laws protect consumers who have been injured due to faulty or defective products. Companies, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are responsible for designing, distributing and selling quality and safe products to consumers. Any issues or defects need to be reported to the company immediately. If you are injured due to a faulty or defective product, your first step should be to contact a qualified personal injury attorney. An attorney can determine if a defective product caused your damages.

The attorneys at Meyerkord & Kurth, LLC have over a century of experience helping those who have been injured. We understand that injuries sustained from faulty or defective products can result in large medical bills, undue stress and physical and mental anguish. We communicate with our clients throughout the case and strive to reach a maximum settlement for their injuries. Contact our downtown St. Louis office. We offer free initial consultations and can help you get the care and compensation you deserve.

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