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Young Girl Narrowly Escapes Bungee Cord Malfunction at Mid Rivers Mall


A young girl narrowly escaped an amusement ride accident at the Mid Rivers Mall in St. Peters on July 31. A bungee cord malfunctioned, snapping apart while the young girl was in the air. Witnesses describe the chaotic scene, saying the young girl went fly towards the food court and the second bungee cord pulled her back to safety. Thankfully, the young girl was not seriously injured. It is unclear if she received medical treatment for minor injuries. Witnesses claim the bungee cord just ripped in half, snapping into two. The accident has many parents concerned with the bungee trampoline ride such as safety protocols and inspections. According to officials, the bungee trampoline ride must be inspected annually in order to obtain a permit. The Missouri Department of Safety has stated they will be investigating the incident. The bungee trampoline ride is operating once again with a replaced bungee cord.

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