Wet Paint Damages Vehicles In St. Charles

Several St. Charles motorists ended up with minor property damage when they drove down a yellow painted street this week. According to the City of St. Charles, the street was turned yellow after a contractor re-painted street stripes right before it rained. The wet yellow paint was smeared all along the entire stretch of street. Many cars drove on the wet paint and sustained paint damage to their vehicles. The City of St. Charles hired Traffic Control Company, to re-paint yellow lines along a stretch of Elm Street on Tuesday morning. The wet painted was washed away, flowing down drains, gutters, and stained nearby creeks.

The vice president of Traffic Control Company apologizes for the mistake and say the company will take full responsibility for the damage. The company’s spokesperson said a sudden rain shower surprised the skilled crew and caused the unexpected wet condition. The company will also take responsibility for damage to any vehicle that drove down the wet yellow street. Traffic Control Company is asking motorist with damage to please contact their office and fill out a claim. The vice president of Traffic Control Company says the water base paint will cause no environmental hazard, and no additional tax dollars will be spent righting the wrong.

Even minor vehicle damage can cause major frustration, especially when the at-fault party will not take responsibility. Not all at-fault parties take full responsibility for their wrongdoing, like the company mentioned above. Many times victims need the support and representation from St. Louis’ best personal injury attorneys at Meyerkord & Kurth, LLC. Contact the law firm today and tell our legal team how we can be of service to you.

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