Tyson Plant Worker Loses Fingers And OSHA Gives Heavy Fines

A worker at Tyson Foods lost his fingers in a gruesome workplace accident. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has fined Tyson Foods Plant almost a quarter of a million dollars after serious safety violations. OSHA fined Tyson Foods Plant in Center, Texas approximately $236,000 for 15 serious violations and two repeated violations. According to OSHA, hazards that exist in a work environment that could cause an accident or a deathly illness is a serious violation.

The worker who underwent a finger amputation was injured when he tried to unjam the conveyor belt during chicken deboning. The company received citings on violations from OSHA for not requiring proper safety wear for employees and exposing employees to hazardous trip-and-falls from lack of proper drainage.

The OSHA inspection also discovered dangerously high levels of carbon dioxide. There were also repeat violations for failure to properly store gas cylinders of oxygen and acetylene.

A Tyson spokesperson said the company is working with OSHA and is committed to a safe workplace. The OSHA’s Assistant Secretary of Labor said Tyson Foods must improve safety procedure and should be setting an example as one of America’s largest food supplier.

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