Truck Driver Faces Ten Years In Prison After Deadly Crash

A young truck driver has pleaded guilty to causing a deadly multiple vehicle accidents over a year ago in Shelby County, Kentucky. The 23-year-old truck driver caused a deadly crash on Interstate 64 and will be sentenced this week. The Washington State driver of a tractor trailer was using his cell phone, causing a deadly pile-up. He rear-ended a car and killed the 71-year-old Louisville woman after her vehicle burst into flames. Three vehicles were involved in the chain-reaction crash, and others were injured. The distracted truck driver pleads guilty to second-degree manslaughter and faces ten years in prison. The commercial truck driver broke Federal regulation of cellular device use in a commercial vehicle.

The victim’s family believes the accident was completely preventable and is having a difficult time coping with the tragic loss. They are also speaking out about the deadly dangers of texting and driving.

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