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Three Girls Seriously Injured In Ferris Wheel Accident


In a terrible amusement ride accident earlier this month, three young girls fell from a Ferris wheel at the Greene County Fair in Tennessee. According to police, the incident was caused by a mechanical problem. The company that operated the Ferris Wheel, Family Attractions Amusement, is continuing to operate rides in Middle Tennessee.

As Dickson County prepares for their county fair, many residents are wondering about the decision to use Family Attractions Amusement. One of the fair’s organizers told a local news station that they have used them for the past two years and feel that they have done a good job. The organizer did say that the county has taken extra precaution and will be paying for a level one, state approved, certified inspector.

The certified inspector also spoke to a local news station and says he believes the accident is an isolated problem. He also said that the owners of the Family Attractions Amusement agree to have an inspector at the fair.

A lawsuit was recently settled with Family Attractions Amusement after five people were injured on a ride called The Vortex in North Carolina in 2013. A representative for Family Attractions Amusement claimed the ride belonged to their son's company and was not in their ownership. The Decatur County Fair is currently using Family Attractions Amusement for their county fair.

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