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Tennessee Woman Killed When Car Crashed Into Her Home


A Tennessee woman was killed in an auto accident after a car crashed into her home overnight in Bellevue. The Metro Nashville Police Department reports a driver struck a pole at the intersection of Sawyer Brown Road and General George Patton Road at approximately 1 a.m. earlier Monday morning. Police say the driver then continued 200 to 300 yards and crashed through the side wall of a condo in the River Plantation neighborhood. A woman was killed inside the condom and a second was also damaged. Everyone in the vehicle ran from the crash. Officers were able to trace the car and stopped the men before they reached home. The driver and a passenger were treated for non-life-threatening injuries. Police are investigating if alcohol and drug use played a role in the deadly accident, and the men are facing charges. Both men are in police custody. Officials have yet to release the victim's name until next of kin is notified. Over 40 homes in the area lost power during the damaging accident.

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