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Tennessee Woman Faces Conviction After Deadly Hit-And-Run


A Tennessee woman appeared in court on Monday for charges in a deadly hit-and-run in Smyrna. The 25-year-old woman is charged with leaving the scene of a deadly auto accident. On Monday, the Smyrna judge bound the case over to the grand jury after the preliminary hearing. Traffic investigators with the Smyrna Police Department and the accused’s grandmother were among those who testified.

The grandmother testified that the accused called her following the accident, saying someone hit her, but she did not report the accident to the police. Smyrna Police later found the accused's pickup truck at her grandmother's house with pieces of the scooter lodged in it.

The woman is being accused of hitting the victim as she was riding her scooter. Police say the scooter was dragged for several feet before the accused allegedly removed it and kept going. A second car hit the victim’s body that was left at the scene.

The Assistant District Attorney said a traffic camera shows video of the pickup truck and the scooter traveling on the same road at the same time. It was a horrific accident and has been very emotional for the victim's families, according to Assistant District Attorney. Family members say the victim worked as a nurse in Nashville.

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