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Tennessee Couple Files Medical Malpractice Suit After Death Of Their Daughter


A Tennessee couple has filed a malpractice lawsuit against a Nashville hospital after the sudden death of their 10-year-old daughter. The lawsuit claims the medical staff at Vanderbilt was negligent in the treatment of their daughter who died from flu complications in March of 2013. The child was diagnosed with the flu, but became critically ill and died just days later. The medical malpractice lawsuit claims the Vanderbilt staff failed to properly manage her condition, failed to call in proper physicians’ care, failed to ensure she had proper medical care and let her condition deteriorated which caused a fatal seizure and cardiac arrest. The lawsuit also claims that medical staff ignored evidence that the child was in shock.

The plaintiffs are seeking compensation for medical expenses, funeral and burial cost as well as pain and suffering. The lawsuit is set to trial in Davidson County Circuit Court next month. The 10-year-old girl was a honor student in the fourth grade at Allendale Elementary.

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