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Teenager Killed On First Day Of Work After Wood Chipper Accident


A North Carolina teen has been killed in a horrific workplace accident after he was sucked into a woodchipper on his first day of work. According to the Kings Mountain Police, the 19-year-old had just begun working at Crawford's Tree and Stump Grinding Service, cutting down trees in a residential neighborhood on Saturday. Officials say the teenager tried to push a tree limb in with wood chipper with his foot and was sucked into the machine. The teen died instantly. The workers, including the owner of the company, tried to shut down the machine, but it was too late. The crew was deeply disturbed by the deadly scene. The owner of the company suffered a heart attack at the scene and had to be hospitalized.

Crawford's Tree and Stump Grinding Service has been operating for nearly 26 years. The owner of the company claims the teenager was given a task suitable for a beginner and claims he had training. The accident is still under investigation. Many on social media are wondering about what type of training the boy receive on his first day of work and why he was left alone with the dangerous equipment.

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