St. Louis Veteran Sues VA After Misdiagnoses

An injured veteran is suing a VA hospital for medical malpractice after a misdiagnosis. The highly-trained Army major sustained a traumatic head injury in December of 2009 during a car bomb in Iraq. Since then, the Army major has experienced a life full of pain and suffering. When he turned to the local St. Louis VA for help, he was misdiagnosed by an intern. An intern at the VA examined the decorated soldier and decided he did not have a traumatic brain injury and was not physically injured. The veteran believes this was a grave mistake and is now suing the hospital for having an unqualified intern performing complicated diagnoses. A TBI requires a highly-trained specialist to examine and diagnose, not a psychology student intern without any supervision.

This soldier is not the only one who is a victim of medical malpractice. Due to complaints, the VA hospital is now offering thousands of veterans a second, proper examination for injuries. New information is coming out revealing veterans across the country were seen by unqualified personnel for TBI testing. This includes nearly 300 veterans in St. Louis who were improperly treated and diagnosed.

The plaintiff that is now suing the VA hospital has been treated and diagnosed with TBI at Washington University School of Medicine. The veteran decided to seek medical treatment outside of the VA in hopes to find healing and recovery.

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