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St Louis Public Schools Still Battling Lead Contamination


Elevated levels of lead have been found coming from some faucets and fountains in 32 buildings in the St. Louis Public Schools District. Testing was conducted at all 72 school buildings and 797 water sources were examined. The test revealed 45 sources are exceeding the EPA’s guideline of 20 parts per billion of lead. An additional 43 water sources exceeded ten parts per billion, which is the district’s standard.

The high lead levels may be caused by the age of the school buildings and pipes, according to officials. The Deputy Superintendent of Operations said some of the faucets and construction material also contained lead. On August 25, the district's school board approved spending $1 million for repairs. Some faucets have already been replaced in the schools. The drinking fountains that tested high for lead have been shut down. Thirteen schools are getting bottled water for students. The Superintendent assure parents that St Louis Public School students are safe. He claims school officials and leaders took aggressive action as soon as the test results were obtained. Anyone wanting to find out more information about the testing results can visit the St. Louis Public Schools District’s website.

Unlike the St. Louis Public Schools District leaders, not all school officials take swift action with dangerous environments for students. School should be a safe place for kids to learn and grown. If your child has been hurt while at school and you believe the accident was caused by negligence or wrongful misconduct, contact St. Louis’ best school accident lawyers at Meyerkord & Kurth, LLC.

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