Parents Question Driver After School Bus Arrives Hour Late

A Nashville school bus driver has been suspended after a strange and potentially dangerous school bus incident this week. Davidson County school officials are investigating rumors of wrongdoing on the school bus after the driver was an hour late to the school on Tuesday. Officials claim some students were stuck on a bus ride that lasted over 90 minutes. A spokesperson for the Metro Schools, admitted evidence of wrongdoing by the bus driver was discovered, but will not release any further details. Rumors of many violations are circling, including the driver’s use of her cell phone behind the wheel. Another rumor is that a parent was allowed to get on the bus and remove their child, which is against the rules, according to a school official.

A spokesperson for the driver claims she was only on her phone when she had to pull over for directions using the cell’s GPS. The driver claims she was lost. However, students on the bus are telling another story and parents are saying this is not the first questionable actions by the bus driver. And to make matters more frustrating for parents, the dash cam on the bus will not be available for parents to view. Metro Schools claims they will not release the footage due to federal privacy laws. School officials have placed the bus driver on administrative leave while the incident is under investigation. According to officials, the bus driver will be moved to a different route if re-instated.

Parents have the right to know that their child is safe, and everything is being done to ensure they are protected. In only the first few weeks of school, many dangerous school bus incidents have occurred through the country. If you child has been injured in a school bus accident, please contact Meyerkord & Kurth, LLC, for trusted legal support.

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