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Mom Leaves Toddler Alone In A Car And He Drives Away


An auto accident was caused after a toddler was left alone in a running vehicle at an Illinois gas station. According to police, a mother left her two children in her SUV while she ran into a Hucks gas station on Highway 50 in Fairview Heights, Illinois. The 2-year-old and 10-month-old were left inside the SUV while the engine was running. The 2-year-old got in the driver’s seat and put the car in reverse. The car reversed into the middle of Highway 50. The SUV was locked, and the mother was unable to open the vehicle as it continued out of control on the highway. A man used his vehicle to stop the SUV and just might have saved the children’s lives. Luckily, the two small children were not injured. However, damage was caused.

Police charged the mother with child endangerment, and she is summoned to appear in court. The mother claims she learned her lesson and will never leave her children in the car alone. This is the second serious incident this week where a mother did not have her children in proper safety seats.

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