McDonald's Toy Pulled After Injuring Children

A McDonald’s Happy Meal toy will be pulled after allegedly causing burn marks on children. The toy is an activity tracker and was included in Happy Meals across the country. The activity tracker is a wrist fitness tracker has been reported to cause burn marks when worn. An Arkansas mother discovered burn marks on her child only minutes after he put it on. The tracker is called Step It! Activity Band and comes in six different colors and included in Happy Meals throughout the U.S. and Canada. McDonald’s wanted to encourage activity for children during the 2016 Olympics. Parents are reporting chemical burns left by the tracker. One mother posted a picture of her son’s burn on Facebook, and it was shared over a hundred thousand times. Now more parents are coming forward with similar experiences.

McDonald’s will terminate the toy in the U.S. and Canada, stating nothing is more important to the company than the safety of their customers. Mcdonald’s will conduct a full investigation of the defective product and is now offering alternative toys. Some parents have spoken out saying they appreciate McDonald’s swift actions.

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