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Illinois Traffic Deaths Have Increased in 2016


Data collected by safety and insurance industry experts reveal an increase in traffic fatalities in Illinois for the first part of this year. An estimated 1,000 traffic deaths are expected by the end of the year, which are directly related to higher speed limits, more miles driven and an increase in younger drivers on the Illinois roadways. Safety and insurance industry experts say they haven’t seen these numbers since 2008. A report by the State Journal-Register states 629 people have died in Illinois from motor vehicle crashes, as well as pedestrian and bicycle accidents in 2016, as of Friday. The number has increased by 50 deaths from the same period of 2015.

Last year, 998 traffic fatalities occurred in Illinois, and experts expect 2016 numbers to exceed 1,000. In 2008, Illinois experienced an all-time high of traffic fatalities, reaching 1,043 deaths. The increase of traffic deaths has been on Illinois’ rural interstates, according to a statistics manager for the Itasca-based National Safety Council. At the beginning of 2014, Illinois raised speed limits on these rural interstates from 65 mph to 70 mph. Many experts directly link the increase to these speed limits.

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