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Ferris Wheel Accident Operators Have Prior Discrepancies


The rider operators involved in the horrific Ferris Wheel accident over the weekend was found to have prior discrepancies. Three girls were severely injured after they were dumped out of a ride almost 45 feet in the air at an eastern Tennessee fair. It has been discovered that the organizers of this fair chose to keep their ride operators despite an incident across the state line that injured five people. The ride operators are a company called Family Attractions and is based in Georgia.

Back in 2013, five people were injured while riding the Vortex at a North Carolina State Fair. As passengers tried to get off the ride, it started up again unexpectedly and sent victims flying through the air. After an investigation, it was determined that the ride operators disabled a safety mechanism. The same company owned and operated the Ferris Wheel in the most recent accident. The three victims of the latest accident are still in serious condition, and the youngest is still not breathing on her own.

Many are wondering why the Greene County Fair Board officials decided to keep their five-year contract with Family Attractions despite the North Carolina accident. Authorities report the rides were not inspected when they arrived in Tennessee. According to state Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Family Attractions received a three months inspection in June in Indiana.

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