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Elderly Woman Drives Through Crowded Concert


Several people were injured in an auto crash after a 74-year-old woman drove through a crowded dance floor at an outdoor concert in Ohio on Sunday night. The elderly woman told police she mistook the gas pedal for the brake and drove into a crowd of people. Eight people were injured, and two remain in serious condition, according to the Parma Heights police. The injured individuals include a woman who suffered a spinal fracture and a brain injury and another woman who suffered compound fractures. The driver was also treated for minor injuries. According to reports, all victims were in their 60s or 70s.

The auto accident occurred around seven p.m. at a Frank & Dean community concert featuring music from the Rat Pack. The dance floor set up in the parking lot of a Parma Heights' park, in a suburb west of Cleveland. The elderly woman was leaving the concert and trying to pull out quickly so someone else could park in her spot. The accident is being investigated by the Parma Heights police. According to officials, the woman may be facing charges of vehicular assault.

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