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Car Crushed By Falling Debris In St. Louis City


A car was crushed when a piece of concrete fell from a building in downtown St. Louis on Monday. The vehicle was damaged as it set out front of a building in the 500 block of Olive Street. The red Ford sedan was parked outside a vacant building when suddenly concrete fell from the building and totaled the vehicle. A picture shows the car’s front windshield shattered, and the hood completely smashed. The headlights were also broken.

The car owner received a call at 7 a.m. from his fiance, who found the car damaged. Thankfully no one was in the vehicle when the concrete fell. The woman who found the car works in St. Louis and the couple shares the vehicle. The owner just received the vehicle last year, as a graduation gift.

It is unclear who is responsible for the damage. The building is currently under construction and responsibility could be that of the company or the owner of the building. According to the victim, the construction company owner has contacted their insurance company. The victim also says he has been in contact with his insurance company, but he hasn’t received word on what will happen next.

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