Bizarre Birthday Party Accident Kills Man

A California man was killed at his birthday party in a bizarre hit-and-run auto accident. The 34-year-old victim laid down in front of a friend's car and she ran over him and killed him. According to San Diego Police, the accident happened just after midnight this past Sunday. Police say the Garden Grove man was celebrating his birthday at the Staybridge Suites hotel in San Diego, and he and his friends had been drinking alcohol. The man tried to stop an unidentified woman from getting behind the wheel and laid down in front of the woman's BMW, according to San Diego police. Police say the car was already in motion, and the woman drove over him and then fled the scene. The man was transported to the hospital but died from major trauma to his chest, according to the Police Sergeant.

The identity of the BMW driver was discovered, but no arrests have been made as of Tuesday afternoon. The BMW is now in police custody and will undergo examination, according to the San Diego Police. Police are still investigating the fatal accident and evaluating the other parties culpability.

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