Teen Killed in Second Distracted Driving Car Crash

A California teenager escaped death in a car accident that occurred due to her using her phone while driving. Tragically, one year after that life-changing crash, the teen was texting while driving and killed in another auto accident. Her family is now fighting to educate all teens regarding the risks of distracted driving. While the girl’s mother realizes she will not be able to deter all drivers from becoming distracted, she’s hoping to prevent as many accidents as possible.

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness month and many stories of victims whose lives were taken too soon in a distracted driving auto accident are emerging. Distracted driving can be caused by other passengers, using GPS devices, texting, using cell phones that are not a hands-free device, eating while driving, and nearly any other activity while operating a vehicle. A driver has a three times greater chance of being involved in an auto accident when there are three or more passengers in the vehicle, 12 times when reading a text, and 16 times more likely when typing a text. Distracted driving is responsible for hundreds of thousands of serious injuries every year and causes more than 3,000 fatalities annually.

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