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Study Reveals Most Dangerous Roads in Franklin County


A recent study revealed the most dangerous roads in Franklin County, Missouri. The study used data from crashes from 2009-2013 that occurred on the county roads in Franklin County to create a top ten list. The study helps to identify the roads with the most reported vehicular accidents. The study aims to educate the public to reduce the number of fatal accidents. The Franklin County Sheriff's Office wants motorists to understand that speeding on these roads can be dangerous and even fatal. The Franklin County Sheriff's Office announced an increase in patrols on these roads in hopes that this will cause drivers to be more cautious. The top ten list reports, in order of most dangerous, the following roads: Pottery Road, Spring Bluff Road, St. Mary's Road, Robertsville Road, Bend Road, North Bend Road, Peacock Road, Acid Mine Road, Happy Sac Road and Prairie Dell Road.

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