St. Louis Hit and Run Accidents Occur Twice Tuesday

Investigators are busy attempting to locate two drivers responsible for two separate hit and run accidents that happened Tuesday night in St. Louis. The first hit and run accident happened at approximately 9 p.m. when a 45-year-old man was struck by a car as he walked down North Florissant. The driver fled and tragically, the man died from his injuries. The second accident happened around midnight when a woman was attempting to cross North Grand Boulevard when a vehicle struck her near Cottage Avenue resulting in her death. St. Louis Police are encouraging anyone with information regarding either crash to contact CrimeStoppers.

Hit and run accidents have become a common occurrence all over in the nation, specifically in urban areas. Drivers are educated on all traffic laws and should be aware of the requirements specified by these laws pertaining to an auto accident. All individuals must remain at the scene of the accident to exchange information with the other driver and provide police with their information as well. Unfortunately, thousands of auto accidents happen every year involving a driver that flees the scene of the crash. The reasons for drivers fleeing the scene can vary and may be due to avoiding financial responsibility, criminal charges, or other consequences associated with being liable. Victims of hit and run accidents may find it difficult to obtain compensation for their damages.

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