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IL Fatal Auto Accidents Up 133%


More accidents and more fatalities have Illinois State Police very concerned after fatal road accidents have increased 133% this year. The four counties in District 16 are alarmed after numbers have risen in the first quarter of this year. District 16 had eight fatal crashes last year resulting in nine deaths. This is compared to this year’s 17 fatal crashes resulting in 21 deaths. That is a staggering increase of 133%. US 20 at 20 and 39; US 20 and Winnebago; and US 20 and Pecatonica are three areas that Illinois State Police point to as the dangerous zones with the speed limit of a 65 mile per hour. Officers state that this speed limit is too high for these areas and create dangerous situations. Illinois State Police are working with the Illinois Department of Transportation to reduce speed limits from 65 to 55 mph and to place a median crossover put in at the 39 exit. They are also educating the youth to make sure they slow down and not get distracted while driving.

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