Glass in Food Products, Recalls Issued

Companies have issued a couple of recalls after glass fragments were discovered in food products. Packages of cashews under the brand name Emerald and Roland Foods roasted red pepper strips have been recalled due to potentially containing glass fragments. The two recalls are not related despite sharing the same issue. Retail stores are pulling the products from their shelves and customers in possession should return the items to the place of purchase to receive a refund. Fortunately, no injuries have been linked to the products and the recalls were issued voluntarily.

The United States has thousands of companies that manufacture and distribute consumer goods such as toys, electronics, clothing, vehicles, and food products. Over the years, technology has changed the way companies produce. Many companies are now focused on mass quantities opposed to producing quality items. This business approach leaves much room for error which can contribute to injuries, illness, and death suffered by the consumer. If you or a loved one has sustained damages due to an unsafe or defective product, you may have grounds to file a product liability case.

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