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Funny PSA Reminds Motorists To Drive Phone Free


The New Zealand Transport Agency has recently published a very funny public service announcement to encourage drivers to refrain from using their cell phones while operating a vehicle. The scenes are shot inside a car and as a driver reaches for their cell phone, the passenger intercepts the driver's hand with their own. The awkward hand-holding distracts the driver from the cell phone and places their focus back on operating their vehicle, all while Lionel Richie’s song “Hello” plays in the background. The humorous video has gone viral and the NZ Transport Agency is hoping it will remind drivers to operate their vehicles to the safest standards.

It is estimated that distracted driving is responsible for nearly 30% of all auto accidents, and that percentage has increased with the advancements in technology. Nearly every American owns a cell phone. Cell phone users now have the ability to text, check and send emails, access social media, get directions, and oh ya, make and receive calls. A recent study indicated that the average person spends approximately 4.7 hours a day using their cell phone. Tragically, many drivers use their cell phones while operating their vehicle despite traffic laws restricting cell phone use unless it’s a hands-free device.

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