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Car Collides With Scooter, Injures Rider


Tragically, an accident occurred on Queens Street around 3:45 Saturday morning. The accident occurred when a vehicle hit a man who was riding a motor scooter. A westbound Acura MDX on Cooper Avenue drifted into the eastward traffic lane and struck the man who was operating the scooter, which was headed east. The motor scooter operator was taken to the hospital for medical care and was in critical condition. The driver of the Acura was not injured as a result of the accident. According to the police, they were taken into custody and charges are pending.

Swerving into opposing lanes of traffic is a common cause of vehicle accidents. This often occurs when a driver is either distracted or under the influence, which are two of the top three factors involved in vehicle accidents. To practice safe driving, pay attention to the road and drive according to traffic safety laws and regulations.

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