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Woman Who Lost Family by Drunk Driver Hopes to Help Others


One woman who lost her husband and young son a result of a drunken driving accident is trying to help others via Facebook and other forms of social media. Furthermore, on September 20, 2014 a drunken driver crossed the center line of the road and hit Destiny Mantia’s family vehicle on Highway 47 near Hawk Point and Troy, Missouri. As a tragic result, Destiny’s 15-month-old son, Parker died in the car crash. Likewise, although injured, Destiny survived the car accident, but her husband died of his injuries. The drunken driver of the other vehicle died on the scene.

Now Destiny is taking to social media as a way to spread the word of the devastation drunk driving can cause. In addition, Destiny is trying to highlight the risk of driving while intoxicated to readers. For instance, Destiny writes that she will never get to see her son grow up and will never experience the joy of purchasing a home with her husband. In one swift moment, it was all shattered after the drunk driver struck her car head-on.

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