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Woman Bitten by Dogs Prompts Debates on Laws


After a woman was attacked by a group of dogs outside a home, new debates on dog bite laws are taking place in Burlington, Vermont. Furthermore, dogs outside of the owner’s home attacked Kathy Bugbee as she was approaching it to ask if she could pick berries on Lanaway Lane. Likewise, as Bugbee approached the home three dogs attacked her. Two mixed Newfoundland retrievers and a Labrador retriever mix came through an open door and two of those dogs bit her on the ankle. Another dog jumped on the woman’s chest and pulled her down as well.

57-year-old, Bugbee suffered serious injuries to her ankles and shoulders after the dog bite accident. Overall Bugbee received 36 stitches total for all of her wounds. Bugbee estimates the weights of the dogs ranged from 90-120 puonds, and if the owners did not pull them off of her in time, her injruies would’ve been much worse.

According to Vermont State Police, although Bugbee was seriously injured in the dog bite attack, she was trespassing on the animals property. In addition, the owners had an invisible fence that Bugbee was unaware of, and there was not crime committed because the owner’s did not tell the dogs to attack.

Although the owner’s of the dogs feel terrible about the attack, they stand by the fact that Bugbee was a trespasser whom the dogs had never seem and blame that on their behavior. Now, many dog bite laws in Vermont are being reviewed in wake of this accident.

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