Unleashed Dog Bites Child in NC

Sadly a child has been bitten by a dog in Waves, North Carolina after the animal was unleashed. Furthermore, the dog bite accident happened Thursday on the beach where the child was playing. The dog that bit the 2-year-old child was a 50 pound shepherd mix, and had been running lose all week long before the accident. As a result, 34-year-old, Jeremy Hagner has been charged for failure to restrain his dog, and also for knowingly giving a false report as well as interfering with a government agency.

Each offense that Hagner is charged with could give him either jail time or a fine of $5,000. Since the dog bite accident, Cape Hatteras National Seashore has now enforced a law to have visitors leash their dogs while on the beach. According to park rangers, they issue hundreds of verbal warnings each year due to unleashed dogs. In addition, rangers are especially on guard to protect children on the beach.

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