Texas Police Chase Ends in Fatal Car Crash

In Edna, Texas on Thursday a police chase has ended in a severe car accident. Furthermore, six people died in relation to the police chase, and seven others were injured after the pursued vehicle flipped over.

According to police, officers attempted to stop the SUV in relation to a traffic violation in the small Texas town, which is about 90 miles outside of Houston. As a result, the SUV sped away and the police chase ensued on Highway 59. As the SUV reached higher speeds, the driver lost control and flipped the vehicle several times.

Tragically four people died at the scene of the car accident, and two others were hospitalized. After the car crash, two other people ran from the scene of the accident, and were later apprehended by police. It is believed the car crash victims are citizens of Honduras or Guatemala; there has been no information on the individuals U.S. legal status.

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