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Teen Struck by Train in MO


Tragically a young boy has died following a fatal pedestrian accident in Pacific, Missouri. In addition, the pedestrian accident involving a train happened Wednesday night as the 16-year-old boy was on his bike and attempting to cross the tracks at North Olive near East St. Louis, Illinois. Although the lights at the crossing were flashing and the arms were down warning that a train was near, sadly the boy ignored the signs and was struck.

As the train neared the crossing, the Union Pacific train engineer could see the boy coming near the tracks and the man blared the horn for him to hear. Tragically, the teen didn’t respond and the engineer is unaware if he was playing on or crossing the tracks.

No one but the train engineer witnessed the pedestrian accident, yet a video is available to police that will show the crash as it happened. Currently it is presumed to be an accident. Nearby residents say about every three years there’s a pedestrian accident involving a train in the area due to the many tracks throughout town.

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