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Stolen Vehicle Causes Three-Car Accident in Oregon


In Ogden, Oregon, two teen boys who stole a truck caused a three-car crash. Furthermore, the two thirteen-year-old boys found the truck’s keys and took the vehicle from the residence at 200 E. 4300 S. After the owner of the truck heard the boys start up the vehicle and drive off, he chased after them in a friends car.

Once all the vehicles came to a stop, one of the boys ran from the truck, while the other boy jumped into the back of the truck with the owner. Eventually the truck lost control, and flipped on its side. As a result, the owner was thrown from the truck, and landed in nearby grass. Witnesses estimated the truck was traveling at least 40 miles per hour at the time of the crash.

Two other vehicles were involved in the car accident, and the cars have been totaled. Luckily for everyone involved no-one sustained life-threatening injuries. Police have caught one of the boys, which stole the truck, yet are looking for the other.

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