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Semi Hits CA News Van


One man working for a station reporting the news on Tuesday nearly became part of the story when his vehicle was struck by a semi. Furthermore, the semi-truck crash happened when KUSI photojournalist, Wil Giron was in the process of shooting video of a car crash and a semi jackknifed. In addition, the semi crash happened on I-15 north just near the Interstate 8 connector when Giron was filming the accident scene, which was a one-vehicle crash, and the semi hit his van.

Apparently the semi lost control due to rainy conditions and thus hit the news van which was parked on the shoulder of the roadway. After the semi struck the van, the semi nearly hit Giron as well, who was standing just a few feet away. Of course Giron caught the entire semi accident on camera and continued to film although he was almost killed. During the chaos, two other vehicles behind the semi were also struck by other cars in back of them. All in all, six vehicles were involved in the chain reaction crash and only one person suffered minor injuries.

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